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7 Compelling Reasons to Make Paya Beach Spa & Dive Resort Your Next Tioman Island Retreat!

Finally we can visit Tioman Island! As monsoon season has passed, now it will be the best time to experience sunny and crystal clear blue water of Tioman Island.

If you are not aware yet where is Tioman Island, it is an island nestled in the South China Sea. Tioman Island is a hidden gem that offers travelers a unique blend of natural beauty, adventure, and relaxation. I actually thought Tioman was part of state of Johor until we pay the tourism tax at the resort and it's actually belong to state of Pahang (Rompin District). The island located approximately 2 hours boat drive from Mersing Jetty (mainland).

Since it's quite far from the mainland, choosing the right place to stay is important because you will be spending at least 3 days or more on the island. There are few accommodations available throughout the island, but I stumbled upon one particular resort that tick all the boxes and I will be sharing why it's worth considering for your stay at Paya Beach Spa & Dive Resort when you visit Tioman Island !

1. Ultimate Beachfront Experience.

I was lucky enough to experience beachfront room and which literally right in front of the beach. You have an unobstructed view of the sea and the white sandy beach just right in front of your doorstep! You can access the beach directly from your balcony. The only thing that separate you from the beach is 1 meter width walkway!

Tips : It highly recommended all of you to stay at Superior Beach Front room category, it's worth it. Spacious room design, hot shower, superior single bed, modern air-conditioning, spacious front and back balcony to enjoy the fresh sea breeze and of course, the view!

If you have extra budget, there are few room which literally situated on the beach it self such as Beach Villa. Perfect for honeymooners!

2. It's a resort for everyone.

Certain resorts that I known have very niche or specific guests mix such as they only cater to as diving resort, family-oriented resort or honeymooners. We often felt left out or bored at some point sometime. However, Paya Beach Spa & Dive Resort is for everybody, at least that how I saw , feel and experience it. There is pool for the kids, there is a bar for adult, there are so many activities for adventure seekers and spa for relaxation gang. Whatever your vacation goals is, it all here.

3. One Stop Center for Adventures.

And yes, this resort is like one stop center for adventure seekers. Everything is organized right on-site. You don't have to go out and engage with independent tour operator as the resort has it all. This is really helpful because not it only save your time but it also to avoid or minimize any potential risk to your travel experience. Furthermore, it also guard you from any potential scam as well.

Plenty of tour, activities organized by the resort and all you need to do is go to activities center near the reception area. I have the best time experience half day snorkeling trip to Ringgis Island & Marine Park. The resort also is known as diver paradise as well. I saw diving training activities in the pool as well as nearby beach area. Perhaps I will be back to learn to dive! The life jackets and snorkeling are provided too. The resort manager greeted us and brief us on the activities. I will link their official website for your to discover more what are the other activities offered at the resort.

4. Total Conveniences

Tioman Island is huge 136 km² of land and traveling or commuting from one point to point would be a challenge but Paya Beach Spa & Dive Resort location (Kampung Paya) is perfect. First, it will be second stop from the Mersing jetty which is great so that you don't have to wait for so long to arrive. Second, it is only took 5 minutes walk from main jetty to the resort which is very convenient. It also has proper walkway to the resort. I have seen many island resorts location that is far from main jetty and you need to walk further along the beach or climb the hill. Paya Beach Spa & Dive Resort located at Kampung Paya which has everything (basic needs) such as grocery stores, specialty restaurants, stand up stalls and more. So, don't have to worry about your snack or sunblock finish!

5. All Around Resorts Facilities

Another factor that influence our travel is the facilities provided by the resort. Whenever we did not want to stay at the beach, we can jump into the pool which right in front of our room! It is clean and spacious and plenty of lounge chair available. The WIFI is available throughout the resort area and very good speed too! We have our daily breakfast, lunch and dinner at the main restaurant , Rama Rama Restaurant which is has a wonderful view and the best part, it's open air restaurant. We also experience the Beach bar on the sun deck where we watched the most amazing sunsets.. Forget about going another shops at the island as the resort itself has duty free shop! It sell everything from chocolates, shirts, basic toiletries, snacks and drinks. Talk about convenience!

One small thing that I really appreciate is, the thoughtful ideas of having pipe available throughout the resort, easy to find and most importantly its works to wash away sand from our feet .Personally, as we are in sandy environment, it help to keep our room clean and sand free. Many resorts have this but it only located at certain area of the resort which is not convenient for usage.

6. The Island Hospitality

Nothing beat the helpfulness and the friendliness of team members of the resort. From receptionist to skipper, they all very helpful and always smile to you. When we lost our key card, they help us to find and manage to keep it safe for us. Team are very polite & knowledgeable when we ask questions about the resort and surrounding areas. Their attentiveness has made our experience better.

I applaud these talent working under the heat all day!

7. Create a memorable moment without breaking a bank

The cost will always be a concern for me as budget conscious traveler. The resort have many packages available to meet or cater to each guest's unique preferences, requirements and desire. You can choose whichever that suit your budget and preference. With all included such as 3D/2N Package, it is worth the experience yet affordable.

Overall, if you seeking for adventures and relaxation at same time while stay on budget, this is right place for you. The overall experience is worth the time and every penny. I got to experience both great adventures and much needed relaxation at one place. Do check out their Tioman Island Resort website to make your reservation now and check out all the packages available.


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