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Frog Hill Penang.

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

Located approximately 36 km from Georgetown or 46 minutes drive, this scenic hill promises a fantastic view. It is absolutely worth to put in your Penang's Itinerary. Make this your last part of your trip before headed home due to its location located at the mainland.

How to get there?

It is quite tricky since Ms Wazey not that helpful that time. It won't show you the exact location of the hill. But, what you can do is to Waze Frog Hill to get to the junction. The junction to the Frog Hill Penang from the main road is when you saw car workshop to your right and paddy field to your left. Turn right and you will be going through little "kampung" road and if you see a bit of pile of trash along the way, meaning you are on the right track. Go straight, you will pass the lake before you reach to the frog hills. Make sure you pass the lake, otherwise you will go to another direction. That's the sign you about to reach to frog hill.

Car Workshop
The Trash
You will go through this road first from the main junction.
The Road

How about the road condition?

It's a red clay road. Any sedan car can go through. This solely depends on your driving skills too. If the road is dry, it is quite easy. There are few bumpy rides along the way, so drive slowly and carefully. The hill can wait.-)

Is it easy to climb?

Very easy. Less than 10 minutes. You can park on the road closer to the hill. No big tree on top of the hill. Track shoes highly recommended but prepared to get dirty due to the red clay.

Entrance Fee

Free (for now).

The Hill (Easy to clim)
Here you can park

Any tips?

  1. Maybe bring some sun shade, because you know Penang. That time, we went around 11.30 am, can you imagine the middle of the day? Burn.

  2. If possible, go during the weekday and go before 11.30 am or after 5.00 pm. We went on Monday, literally only two of us and a frog.

Definitely worth to check while you in Penang. Have you been here? Let me know your experience at the comment section below.

By the way, my blog listed on Feedspot as Top 30 Malaysia Travel Blog 2020! This list listed many wonderful writers across Malaysia! What a great place to be!

The View!

Frog Hill Penang




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