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Hiking at Bukit Tirig, Sepanggar Kota Kinabalu Sabah

Updated: Oct 10, 2020

Bukit Tirig located not that far from #bukitgondol. So, on the following week, we went to Hiking at Bukit Tirig. So we depart around 6.00 am. So, have to wake up early on Sunday. Last time, we also want to go for a hike, but when we arrived, it's heavy raining and we all end up having heavy breakfast instead of burning the fat. But this time, it shines bright like a diamond. 


You know where is Kayu Madang? or the place where they sell lokan bakar, on the way to Politeknik Kota Kinabalu? Bukit Tirig is just nearby. If you are from One Borneo - go straight until you reached to 2nd traffic light - turn left passing by Indah Permai- then go straight until you reach to the big roundabout - take the 3rd exit (Go to Politeknik) - go straight until you reach 2nd roundabout, take the 2nd exit - slow down your car as you almost there, the Tirig Hill junction is on your left - find the junction to Kayu Madang.If you saw a huge amount of rubbish (our rubbish), you are on the right path - go straight into this small village until you saw white bus station to your right (there is a self-made sign "Tirig Hill') - go in and you know you have arrived when you saw a lot of hikers cars lining up. 

Bukit Tirig is well maintained for hikers so that you will not get lost. If you lost, feel free to ask friendly villagers around. If you compare to #bukitgondol, Tirig is kind of more relaxed kind of hill, you will pass through the dark forest (not like a movie), cold and hot at the same time. The view is spectacular. The landscape is pretty much similar like #bukitgondol. At the peak, some local villagers sell cold drinks, please support them!

Tips :

1. Start climb early or latest by 7.00 am

2. 8.00 am is hot as hell.

3. Bring money a bit as they sell drinks at the peak.

4. Don't go alone

5. Leave a footprint, not your rubbish.

Happy hiking at Bukit Tirig.

How is your experience Let me know! Comment below.


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