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Kopi Hutan Penang, Malaysia

Updated: Oct 10, 2020

Nesting up in the hill, probably a unique way to experience a coffee in the middle of the jungle, that's what Kopi Hutan is all about.  So here what my experience and how you can get there. 

How to get there? 

Kopi Hutan located at Penang Hill and you need to take famous Penang train ride to get there. Let start from the beginning. 

1. Through the greatest map on earth, Waze, just searches "Bukit Bendera Hill Station" and you will be directed to the starting point. There are parking building near to the entrance which you can park your car. 

2. Need to purchase a train ticket at the counter. 

Return ticket  

Adult: RM12 

Senior Citizen: RM6

Children (4-12) :RM6f

They also sell non-return ticket  for half-price (in case you plan to stay there overnight) 

3. Once you reached there, two options. Either use transportation or walk on foot. If you choose to use transportation, you wait for the owner to pick you near the Owl Museum (free) and if you choose to walk on foot (like 2 km) then you may proceed to the left side following the sign "Monkey Cup Garden" as Kopi Hutan actually inside Monkey Cup Garden.

Me? I choose to walk and I would recommend this. It only took  15 to 20 minutes (if you not stopping take tons of instagramable photos along the way). Although that time almost 12.30 pm, but I don't felt hot as the weather up on the hill is breezy chilly and you can see a lot of beautiful flowers and a nice view of Penang! Beware of the buggy ! It is very easy to walk and the sign really helps and you won't get lost. Soon that you know, you will reach there in no time. You know you arrive at the correct destination if you saw "Monkey Cup". 

The Experience. 

Yes, indeed it is in the jungle but you can see it as it near to roadside. The cafe is literally outdoor and under the tree. It is not hot although it is outside. The cafe has a decent size of menu selection, fews cakes but everyone goes there for their coffee. Non-coffee like( me, you can choose tea or any ice drinks (mango sprity) is nice. 

Price varies but you may expect to be around RM10++ for a drink and RM12++ for cakes.

Overall, it is a good experience. The team there are super friendly and it is a unique experience to enjoy your coffee other than an ordinary cafe.

Have you been here? Tell me how is your experience at the comment section below.


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