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An underrated little gem that should get more attention. Not famous as the others but this little fishing village is on the rise. Kukup is a fishing village in south Malaysia’s Johor state. known for its seafood restaurants built on stilts over the water. We took a trip here - just to relax and forget about everything.

How to get here? The best mode of transportation is to drive yourself or rent transportation. It took almost 4 hours from KL. Before reach to Kukup, drop by at JB City center for quick lunch. There is proper parking to park your car overnight, near Marry Brown. RM 10 per car per day at that time.

You can walk to your accommodation but like our last time, our host pick us up in Tuk Tuk

(yes, a similar version of Tuk Tuk you found in Thailand).

What to do at Kukup?

It is a small pretty fishing village which you can walk on foot. After arriving at Kukup, you can walk around the village that was built on the water. Take your sweet time to enjoy calming and authentic experience of Stilt houses and local lives. It is just so calm and so peaceful! At night, be generous by treating yourself to a delicious seafood dinner accompanied by a karaoke session afterward or just hanging out at your hotel playing card or chit-chatting. Isn't what the whole trip is all about? To relax and basically be lazy once for a while. There are lantern lighting activities nearby if you wish to participate.

Day after you may talk about a trip to Taman Negara Kukup as well. And followed by shopping local delicacies at a nearby souvenir shop. My recommendation-to spend 2 days and 1 night is enough at Kukup.

Where to stay in Kukup? There is plenty of accommodation ranging from hotels to backpacking styles. I would propose for you to stay near to a local house that was built on stilts over the water. There are few accommodations available at Kukup such as Sweet Home Holiday Resort, Kukup Xiang Chalet, Kukup Colourful Resort, and many more. When we're there, some homestays are still under construction, so hopefully more options in the future.

It would be advisable to bring a bath towel (some accommodation /homestay did not provide a towel. If you are lucky, you will get a free tea break too!

Shops in Kukup

It would be advisable to shop for basic amenities at JB before heading to KUKUP as the option is limited. There is a bubble tea shop, souvenir shop, mini grocery store nearby, and Mary Brown at the center of the village itself. There are a few eateries as well. But, please try the seafood restaurant while you are here. Fews options are available but most local recommended Restaurant High King Seafood and Restaurant New Kukup. Enjoy the seafood while enjoying the sea view!

There you go! Some little info about Kukup based on my experience. If you looking for a very simple, short staycation where you can just get out of the city and be on the other side of the world, Kukup is an ideal choice. Personally, I felt Kukup has so much potential to be a domestic tourism product. Let's go and support the friendly locals there!

Have you been to Kukup? Share your experience in the comments section below! Thank you for spending time reading my blog-)




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