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Updated: Feb 9, 2021

This is not an itinerary post but simply my experience while visiting India. I am blessed to travel to India recently. I never thought in my life that I would leave my footprint in this country. A short three days at India, particular at the capital city, New Delhi, I have encountered many new experience and here I want to share with all of you my top 5 experiences.

Traffic at another level.

Probably because of population density, cars and people are everywhere. Talking about almost 20 million residents alone, it was packed. Probably think twice to commute from another place to another. You literally can touch people's car next to yours while on the road. Like in South East Asia, India's own Grab version, "Ola" also available if you want to use it. I have seen traffic at other places but hands down to New Delhi. Massive and super busy.

We miss Blue Sky.

Make it short, the city is polluted. Be honest. Our beautiful sun, you only can see a bit during the daytime. When you walked outside of your hotel, you can feel the heat just wrapping you like 41 degrees or something. When my flight descending toward New Delhi, I can see the layer of the sky and the haze from the plane.


If you are a good bargainer, then you will find especially saree, clothes, shoes at the local market (where everyone goes- as suggested) is cheap But surprisingly souvenirs are hard to get at the local market. (Maybe we went to wrong one) I bought saree one for RM25 ringgit and I bought keys chain (the only guys that sell key chain)  for my friend for about 15 pcs for RM20. That is so cheap!

Crazy Ride an Auto-rickshaw. 

As we are going out to get some food, we choose to use rickshaw on the way back and yes, what an adventure! They can turn, u-turn, stop wherever they want and no one bothers.  It is dangerous but fun at the same time. Caution: Beware of the rickshaw, i wouldn't recommend if you are alone taking rickshaw. Not safe. But if you are in a group of 3, yes, why not-)

Indira Gandhi International Airport.

It was the longest queue I have experience with strict procedures to get to your destination. I totally get it because of the past incidents and the security is top-notch. Kudos to that! So be at the airport 4 hours before departure. It is huge and but comfortable. The officer could have been more welcoming though.

So, there you go. Some might experience India better than me, so this is only my experience and preference. Just to share and hopefully help you guys a bit info if you plan to travel to India especially New Delhi.  Next, I want to experience the Kashmir, Bangalore - i heard that's the place you should go. It would be too harsh to make an immediate conclusion on how India's is based on this short observation, I am sure there more great places to explore.


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