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Updated: Feb 9, 2021

North Borneo Biostation, I call it unique because by the name itself and the shape of the chalet, located not that far from Kudat Town. This resort was built on 7 acres secluded seafront land by two scientist Alexander and Luidmila Frank. Yes, it is what they call not just a resort but also a Field Scientific Station. 

North Borneo Biostation

How to get here?

From Kudat Town, you need to drive for approximately 19 minutes or 12.4 km. You may use this GPS coordinates: 06º 57′ 46.00”N; 116º 49′ 46.50”E. When you reach Kudat, don't go to the town instead, go to Bak Bak beach (Pantai Bak Bak). Just follow the sign and you will find this hidden gem easily.

High top ceiling and spacious room is definitely a selling point. The wood is made of tropical hardwood in Java Indonesia. The room is spacious and equipped with air-conditioning. It will take a bit of time to cool down the temperature. Tips? Leave your air-conditioner on at all time. The resort located near to the beach, so you will feel a bit of heat.

When I was here, no TV provided which allow you to really immerse in nature and the hp line coverage is not at its best either.

One main key features of the room that i find interesting is the transparent door and window as above pictures. It gives so much natural light to the room while sometimes a little bit spooky while you sleep at night (you think too much -)

It has a half an open-air shower room which is fully equipped with hot shower and the water pressure is acceptable considering it near to the beach.

As this resort is quite far from the town, no worries, it has an insanely huge open-air restaurant, Teratai Restaurant, selling foods and drinks. You name it, western dishes such as Fish and Chips, grilled chicken or just typical Malaysian Dishes such as Penang Fried Noodles, Kerabu Chicken and much more were available to be purchased with price start at RM 8 and up to RM 28. Quite reasonable, not that expensive.


While here, apart from enjoying the ocean breeze, you may rent the kayak (RM40 per hour) and paddle all the way to the open sea while enjoying crystal clear blue water. Snorkelling also can be done at their very own house reef, just 200 m offshore. You may rent snorkelling set for RM8 per hour and meet with clownfish!

North Borneo BioStation mean for research study and end up as a place for a staycation. If you wish to get away from anything, this would be an ideal choice. No TV, no music, just life and a good companion.

Have you been here? What is your experience like? Comment below.


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