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Updated: Feb 9, 2021

Apart from delicious foods and must-see Jonker street, there is a hidden gem, less than 15 minutes drive from Jonker street and just next to infamous Klebang beach, local call it Pasir Cantik Melaka.

How to get there?

If you have your own transportation, you may drive yourself to Klebang beach. Just Waze Klebang Beach (Pantai Klebang). After you pass through the bridge, slow down your car and you will see one junction at your left side before the traffic light. Turn left and go straight on that little road. You will pass through construction site, kind of abandon yet colourful cowboy town and continue. You will see another junction, then left. You will see many cars and unpaved road. Park your car there. There is one food truck at the entrance to the Pasir Cantik.

There will be approximate, depending on your speed, 15 to 20 minutes walk to the spot. Bring an umbrella and water. You will walk on the sand as well. Make sure you pick right gears. I suggest slipper or sandal. First, you will walk on an unpaved road for 5 to 10 minutes until you saw man-made path at your right side directed to the Pasir Cantik. Take another 10 minutes to walk until you saw mount of white sand!

Best time to visit?

My suggestion goes before 9.00 am - morning time. I know it is a bit early but if you want to avoid the heat of the sun, this is a good time to go. It will be less or no people around. Furthermore, during this time, the colour of the sand and the whole environment is good for your photos!

If not, you may wait until 5.30 pm, when the sun goes down a bit. You may expect it will be crowded.

The Hype

Obviously, it is for the photo due to the shape of the sand. It looks like you are in a secluded Sahara Dessert. The sand is white but what makes it more interesting is that the shape is like a mountain and many of them!

If you are interested in photography or want a bit of flair and fun in your Instagram feed or photo book, Pasir Cantik worthy to be a backdrop. Can add this to your Melaka Weekend itinerary so that you can plan your outfit in advance-)


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