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Pulau Sri Buat - Mersing Island Trip

On September, just a month before the monsoon arrives, I decided to explore famous Mersing Island. I took the tour operator, Sea Hunter Island Hopping Tour for this trip. Total cost includes lunch box is RM150 per person.

Early morning at 8.30 am we all gather at the jetty.There is a safe car park nearby which you can pay up to RM10 per day to park your car. Near to the jetty also have shops selling waterproof bag, waterproof handphone's case, sunscreen, hats, beach mats and snacks.

After waiting a few minutes, our guide took us to our boat and the journey begin!

Pulau Seri Buat

Pulau Seri Buat is known for a spectacular view from the hill which mean you need a little hike. You need to hike for about 10 minutes or so through a quite challenging path. Shoes are highly recommended but that day I saw heels. Any gears that you feel comfortable and safe, go for it. The hiking is quite challenging because of big rocks and steep terrain but it can be done.

Pro Tips :

  1. This is not probbaly a good advice but if you wish to have a good photos where is less crowd or none at all, you got to hike little bit faster and f you have the energy to do it. But safety first.

  2. All visitor will always go to the top of the hill and it will be crowded. You can get a similar or a better view just below the crowded area. There is a track leading to the spot, at left side.

After a little hike, you will have the chance to do cliff jump as well at the back of Pulau Sri Buat. The water is super clear and safe as well. So here at Pulau Sri Buat , you will do three activities - hiking, snokerling and cliff jumping. If you book a tour to many Mersing's Islands , make sure Pulau Sri Buat included in the list.

Have you been here? How is it? Tell me your experience below?


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