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Relax Coffee Cafe

Since we will not be skinny any day, let's just eat. The weekend is the only time we need to reward ourselves. Let us talk about Relax Coffee Cafe. The cafe itself wickedly designed with all artworks (especially the white hands all over the place).

Space & Design

It is spacious and has a variety of seating options, from communal to single-seater (for loner) which is a good thing! If you are talking about the ambience, it is cosy. With minimal light, so it gives you that feeling of calm and RELAX. The cafe itself was designed like an art gallery with plenty of art painting on the wall.

Good for study, meeting and even chillax.

This place has a dedicated table and plenty of PowerPoint for your laptop. A very good place to study. If you want to spend hours, you can sit on the sofas, if you have a meeting, you can seat at the normal seating area, if you're alone, well, your seat will be at the window!

Menu offering

This cafe is generous when it comes to menu offering. They have plenty of options from snacks, the main course to even desserts. Highly recommend - the nachos! Generously top with cheese but you gotta eat it fast, otherwise, it will be squishy. We love their famous crepe cake, just like the photos below. Taste good!


Once a month you should pamper yourself with good talk and good foods here at Relax Coffee. The ambience is good and the foods are generously served. But get ready with your dollars, because it is quite pricey which also depends on what you choose and your appetite. To me, still affordable and won't hurt to treat yourself.

Would I come back, yes, of course.

Address: G-1-12, Menggatal Plaza, Lorong Permai, Manggatal, 88450 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

Operation time: 10.00 am to 7.00 pm


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