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While in Cebu, the initial plan was, for me to visit only Kawasan Fall but somehow I switch my plan to join Canyoonering at Badian as suggested by the driver. I don't know what that is but I am up for adventures! He mentioned that, since I am alone, he will put me with another group of travelers.

So what is Canyoneering?

"The sport of jumping into a fast-flowing mountain stream and allowing oneself to be carried downstream at high speed" - Oxford.

How to join the activities?

During my time, this is unplanned activity, so I accidentally join after a conversation with habal-habal driver. Therefore, I recommend that you book formally via The cost at around RM189 via which is double what I pay compared to the direct operator which is at RM89. This includes transportation, fees, and safety gear. Lunch depends, but mine is included lunch which is a good deal!

Where did you stay before the activities?

Highly recommend that you stay near Badian. So that time, I stay in the Moalboal area, which is around a 20km ride to Badian. Moalboal is a great hotspot with restaurants, beaches, shops, and more lively. I stay at a nice basic hostel- Kiss Diving Hostel- operated by Korean (RM80 per night).

What items that I must bring?

  1. Wet shoes

  2. Waterproof phone cover

  3. Small towel

  4. Small mineral water

  5. A bit of cash

So what is the full experience?

6.30 AM

The driver picks me up at my hostel and then he picks up a fellow teammate. I get to know, Joey, Bell, and Ron. They are so friendly! This trip cost PHP 1150 including gear, lunch, water, and transport from Moalboal to Badian.

7.20 AM

Before heading to the starting point, our driver sends us to this one home which I do believe is the small independent operator for Canyoneering in Badian. We were provided with safety gear, life jackets and we keep our other bags at the house, sign a few documents, and then the guide took us via motorcycle to the starting point through stunning terrain. We were given a safety briefing at the center. You may purchase a waterproof bag or handphone waterproof cover at the center too. Cost about PHP 150.

Tips: Highly recommended that you may purchase one to protect your phone while taking nice pictures!

Every group will have one guide which I think is the best thing to do in terms of safety as canyoneering is known for its risk. Please follow your guide instructions as they visited this place like 100 times, so listen to the expert!

The journey starts with a hike of approximately 10-20 minutes to the starting point. Yes, it is all

about jumping from the cliff, swimming, trekking which is tiring but so much fun at the same time!

Tips: Take your time and only do it when you are comfortable to do so and don't get pressured by others.

Along the way, there will be an area where people sell snacks and water. So, bring some cash in your waterproof phone case or you may give it to your guide for him to keel as he will bring one waterproof bag for your group.

The last jump and probably the highest will be at famous Kawasan Fall like 30m height. When I look from above, that is like 6 story building and yes there are hundreds of people watching you from below lol. I took the jump and almost lost my action cam due to the impact but managed to dive in to get it back!

It was tiring and before heading back, we were given time to enjoy the blue water of Kawasan Fall. It is really beautiful like in the pictures but it's too crowded with locals and other tourists as expected.

12.30 PM

We are headed back to the house where we have a simple lunch and clean up. We are generously served by authentic Phillioinrs homecooked cuisine.

2.00 PM

It is time to say bye-bye to my team. It was sad but I have to continue my journey to Cebu City for the Whaleshark adventure. My teammate, on the other hand, continues their journey to do another hiking.

I am glad that I have chosen to do this activity and thanks to my habal-habal driver that suggest to me this activity. I gain new friends along the way and of course seeing Kawasan Falls's blue water makes the experience even more precious! For those who would like to try 4 hours plus cold-fun-adrenalin rush activities, this is highly recommended


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