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If you are looking for a quick foresty trip, fill up your knowledge on plants or trees, or simply looking for something new to do when in Penang, you might want to consider The Habitat Penang Hill. As solo travel, is it good or worth the money? You be the judge and I will tell the experience.

How to get there.

Located at Penang Hills, you can easily get to the Habitat by taking a famous Funicular Railway located at Air Hitam. The entrance is very easy, once you arrive at the upper station, the entrance to The habitat will be on the right side about 5 minutes walk and follow the signboard. If you read my post on Kopi Hutan, the Habitat is just a 10-minute walk from Kopi Hutan.

The Habitat Ticket = RM55

Opening Hours: 9 am to 7.00 pm

What is the hype? Open in late December 2017, The Habitat site is situated in a pre-historic rainforest which is dating back 130-million years old. During my visit, I believe one of the highlights from the visit was Langur Canopy Walk which displays amazing engineering. Langur Canopy Walk stands at 40 meters above the forest floor which you will have an unobstructed view of the 130 jungle’s canopy and spanning 230 meters in length. So, this is a great experience.

The second part was the famous Curtis Cress Tree Top Walk which displays 360 degrees views from the top. It stands 13 m high from the ground and highest public viewing point on the island.

The RM55 fee was to pay for the experience of being up and above few meters from the tall trees around you and have 360 views. It is basically, an educational trip.

There is a green trail & garden where you can walk and spot butterflies, flower species, and other insects. If you have enough time, you can too experience the zip line for an additional price.

During that time, I spend roughly 1 hour and 30 minutes exploring Habitat. The weather is just nice. Recommended 3.00 pm time to visit due to much cooler and less crowd.

Therefore, is worth visiting? If you want to love nature, walk, and want to experience a calm yet informative tour, it will be worth your money. This is good for kids. But, if you looking for fun, interactive activities, this will not worth the money and it will be bored. Nevertheless, The Habitat is a great initiative to conserve nature and to protect our forest. You are sitting or standing at 130 million years old forest.


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