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Top 7 Places to Visit in Labuan,Sabah.

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

If you ask all Sabahan people, why did they come to Labuan, 90 % will say - to buy chocolate & alcohol as Labuan is duty-free territory, so everything (especially alcohols & chocolates) is quite cheap! But, Labuan has more than sweet chocolates, ridiculously cheap vodka & extravagant night life. So, here is my list of Top 7 Places to visit in Labuan, Sabah.

1. Labuan War Cemetery / WW2 Memorial Park

Entrance Fee: None

This park was build to honor those soldiers who sacrificed their life during WW2. Many of the personnel buried in this cemetery, including Indian and Australian troops, were killed during the Japanese invasion of Borneo or the Borneo campaign of 1945. It is a beautiful park and really well maintained. Take some few photos and don't forget to sign your attendance.

2. Chimney

Entrance Fee : Free

Very informative centre of the history of coal mining in Labuan. Although, the museum is small but the info is huge. Few rocks,  real tools for  coal mining display at the Museum. Don't forget to walk maybe 500 m deep into the jungle behind the museum, where the old coal mining whole is. Pretty deep and scary! There is also a gallery related to the Chimney tower which is thought of as mysterious by the locals as its real function is still unknown to this day. The Chimney tower is a rectangular structure 32 meters in height and wholly built from raw red bricks. This tower is well over a century old and is one of the leftovers of mining coal mining activities in Labuan. It is a historical symbol of pride to the people of Labuan because of its uniqueness and strong foundation.

Opens daily from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

3. Labuan Bird Park

Another top must-visit places in Labuan, Sabah is Labaun Bird Park.


  •  Adult - RM 3

  • Children (under 6 yrs) - Free

  • Student / Senior Citizen - RM 2

  • Tourist - RM 5

After you go to The Chimney, you can visit nearby Labuan Bird Park.

Very good for family or birds lovers.  It has three large dome-shaped cages surrounded by beautiful landscaping. The park is home to many species of Borneo birds most likely to be encountered by bird watchers. The park is huge and you can find all types of birds here. What I like about this bird park, is that you are allowed to walk inside the  dome-shapes cages ....with all the birds. Watch out for birds' poop! This probably, the closes I have been, with birds.LOL

Labuan Bird Park is open everyday EXCEPT Friday

4. Ujana Kewangan (Financial Park)

First, I thought, are we going to finance office? Sounds like paying taxes and stuff. But, it's actually chocolate paradise !!!! and...alcohol too! The Ujana Kewangan is a convenient place to visit especially if you are a visitor in Labuan. It is situated very near to the airport and thus, it is very convenient for you to visit the place once you reach Labuan.

5. Labuan Marine Museum

The Marine Museum is one of the components of the Labuan International Water Sports Complex, a newly-opened, internationally-recognized recreation and water sports center.Located near the beach area, this is a great information center about Marine Life. You can find many types of fishes, corals, giant fish bones, shipwreck and other things. Very interesting and worth to visit.

Visiting Hours Opens daily from 9.00 a.m. - 6.00 p.m.

Entrance Fees


6.Layang-Layangan Beach

It is cold during my time there. The beach is clean and they have few hawkers stall selling coconut, snacks. Very good place to relax after long trip today. Kindly order famous ABC Coconut! Delicious and you can share!

7. Peace Park

The park is a historical landmark for peace and the park just located near Layang-Layangan beach. Beautifully well maintained and the monument is beautiful! Also  known as Taman Damai  was built to commemorate the fallen soldiers whom fought in Borneo Island during the World War 2. This park also marks as a symbol or prayer to world peace with hopes for a better relationship and prosperity between two countries, Malaysia and Japan.

So, there you go, my top7 Places to visit in Labuan, Sabah. Of course, there are many others attractions (not the nights clubs) haha.... Labuan worth to visit for short weekend gateway, maybe 3 days & 2 nights. I would recommend travel to Labuan via Car Ferry from Menumbok and choose the first ferry (6.00 a.m from Menumbok) and last ferry (6.00 pm from Labuan) to experience the best sunset accompany with cold air, cheap snack and unstoppable laugh from your friends.


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