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Travel To Thailand: Things you need to know now.

What a sense of relief when I heard Thailand will open its border effective 1st Nov 2021! A good sign that the tourism & travel industry is back gradually. Although the mandatory quarantine has been lifted however travel to Thailand will not be the same as before. at least for now.

To help you all here's the key to travel information if you wish to visit Thailand soon!

Travel requirement

  1. Individuals must apply QR Code or Thailand Pass at this website first

  2. Must have Insurance with minimum coverage of 50,000 USD during the period of stay in Thailand.

  3. You must be fully vaccinated 14/ 28 days prior to travel.

  4. Must have a 1-night reservation (confirmed payment) at Alternative Quarantine (AQ) or SHA+ hotel, List of AQ hotel

Before boarding the flight, you must

1. Have approved Thailand Pass (QR Code)

2. Covid-19 RT-PCR test issued within 72hours before departure.

If you traveling with AirAsia, according to the AirAsia support website, travelers from below listed countries no need to undergo 14 days of quarantine.

Although travel to Thailand or anywhere else requirement more paperwork than before, however, I felt this is a necessary step to do, to minimize the risk and at the same time continue to live back our normal life. Change is not easy but necessary. At least, the current process is much easier and much simpler than the first round. I believe soon, more and more restrictions will be lifted as we prepared ourselves to live with Covid-19. Stay safe & enjoy!


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