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Fried Potatoes Ball Night Market

Prep Time:

45 minutes

Cook Time:






About the Recipe

I can't remember but I did taste these amazing, crunchy potatoes balls at one of the night street markets somewhere. A long time ago and i was addicted since then. I re-create this recipe and add a few flavours to it. This recipe is quite easy but a bit time-consuming. Click on image to view more.


  • Potatoes

  • Fresh Milk

  • Salt

  • Pepper

  • Bread Crumbs

  • Egg

  • Spring Onion

  • Red Onion

  • Butter  (room temperature)


  1. Peels (kupas) the potatoes and clean them nicely. Chop it into little pieces. 

  2. Soak (rendam) and boil (didihkan) the potatoes in hot water for about 25 minutes or so until it's soft (but not too soft). 

  3. You may use the microwave if you have it (easier). Put it  High for about 8 minutes. 

  4. After the potatoes soft, smash it like you making mashed potatoes. 

  5. Mix it with pepper, salt and 2 to 3 tablespoons of fresh milk. Be careful, don't pour too much, do it a bit by bit (tuang sikit-sikit) because you don't want your mashed potatoes to be too soft and it will be hard to shape them later. Put 2 to 3 tablespoon of butter. 

  6. Chop your red onion and spring onion and mix them well together with the mashed potatoes. 

  7. Make it to a ball shape with your hand.

  8. Dip it into eggs and roll it in bread crumbs.

  9. Fried until golden! 

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